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Step by step instructions on how to import PST into Gmail You have two options for importing Outlook PST to Gmail To import, use the Google tool – similar to Outlook's Import/Export wizard. Import PST manually following the steps below. Both methods produce the desired results. Manual transfers offer more flexibility to modify individual steps or define specific information for migrating PST files to Gmail. Google's migration manager guides you through the process and makes it easier to complete. Use Google Workspace Migration to Outlook to Import PST Files to Gmail You can also add PST archives files to Gmail if a manual import is too tedious for you, or if you don't know the technical terms or don't have Outlook installed. You only need the Google migration tool. You don't have to rely on any third-party software to perform the migration. Google Workspace Migration for Outlook allows you to import all files from a PST file to Gmail in just few steps. You can choose to import all files from an archive, or select files or groups. Step 1 – Download Google Workspace migration tool. Before you download, confirm which version of Outlook was used to save the PST file. The Outlook version must be used for the Google Workspace Migration. You don't have to worry if the Import Wizard detects that you have installed the wrong version. It will notify you so that you can correct it later. Step 2 After you have downloaded Workspace Migration, open it. Enter the email address for the Google account where you wish to import the PST file.